Management and Rent

Secret Garden Berlin Management GmbH


Development and Construction Management

Moritz Gruppe Real Estate Development GmbH

Idea and Architecture Concept

Dirk Moritz

Interior Design

Vanessa Serra Brunner & Dirk Moritz


Restoration - Wandwerk;
Electric installations - Ellguth;
Shell construction - Ney;
Carpenter - J. Weiß;
Consultants - LAVA/4BMQ/IBT;
Metal construction - Müller;
Facade - Schollmeyer;
Approval - Bauamt Berlin Mitte;
Historical facts - Stadtarchiv Berlin Mitte;
Legal advice - RA Graf v. Westphalen;
Approval - Denkmalschutz Amt Berlin;
Funding - Schröder Bank, Signal Iduna, IBB;
Premium floors - Sascha Andert;
Painting work - Potthoff;
Carpenter and window construction - Timm Fensterbau;
Building security - Flash Security;
Cleaning - 3B Dienstleistung;
Ventilation and heating - Martzdorf / Fa. Hahn;
Creative input - students of the universities for architecture of Erfurt & Oslo.

We would like to say thank you to everyone involved, especially to our friends and families.